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Welcome to our martial arts family here at Fernandina Beach.  Our dojo is a special place of physical, mental, and spiritual development through the study and practice of traditional martial arts.  ​Whether today is the first time you have thought about trying a class or you have trained for years, we hope that you will find a home in our school.

We are a safe, engaging, family-friendly, and professional martial arts school that offers classes in seven different disciplines.  Whether your interest lies in striking arts (Karate and Tae Kwon Do) or grappling arts (Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido), we are the dojo for you. Training with us is for everyone, regardless of age or ability.  We believe you have no limits, so why would we want to limit your training?

Whether you are looking for classes for yourself or your child, look no further because FERNANDINA DOJO has the program for you.  We offer classes for everyone: Power Dragons (Ages 4-6), Kids (Ages 7-12), Teens, and Adults.

Dojo literally means "place of the way" - the way of martial arts, the way of bettering one's self, the way of bringing out the inherent potential hidden within.  Lives are changed forever merely by entering its doors.  Students gain confidence, integrity, perseverance and self-control through the structured and motivating classes.  It is truly a way of life.

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Sensei Sean Watkins

Owner, Fernandina Dojo

Senior Instructor, USA Martial Arts Federation

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Sensei Watkins has instructed my son for over 3 years.  He’s an exceptionally talented Sensei and skilled at his craft. Because of Sensei Watkins, my son has not only earned a blue belt in karate, he has improved self-esteem, focus and a love of the sport.  Sensei Watkins has become a deeply admired mentor for him.


Mother of Kicking the Spectrum Student

I was 40 years older than the next eldest student in the gym, a beginner, trying to learn karate.  Sensei Watkins came up to me, smiled, showed me how to do the technique -- and then helped me learn how to learn.   Sensei Watkins is bright & talented, friendly & energetic and especially adept at  balancing  modern circumstance with the important history and tradition of our sport.  I've enjoyed watching him train and motivate younger students of all abilities and personally benefited from his skill training  adult athletes such as myself. 

Sensei Watkins has been instructing my son for six years.  He has helped him improve his karate through targeted exercises designed to focus specifically on things my son needs to do to improve his kata and kumite.  Above and beyond that, however, he has become a mentor for my son in so many ways.  We truly feel blessed to have met him.


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Our Address

1211 Amelia Plaza

(Between Walmart and Wynn Dixie on Amelia Island)

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

 Tel: (904) 310-6673

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