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All Kicking The Spectrum® adaptive martial arts classes are based on age-specific curriculum created by a combination of developmental milestones; behavioral, physical, occupational specialists; and martial arts to guarantee that each child is having fun and learning from the first bow.

Kicking The Spectrum® offers group classes in three options, small groups (2 – 4 students), medium groups (6 – 10 students), and large groups (11+)

Kicking The Spectrum® is now offering a parent/child and sibling classes. These classes will allow both you and your child or siblings to learn the skills of Martial Arts, while having time to bond.

Our integrated classes allow students with special needs to stand side-by-side with neurotypical students while progress through the curriculum. They allow Kicking The Spectrum® to tailor each lesson to accommodate the student’s individual needs.


When you need or want that extra attention, we can provide it. Our private lessons follow the same structure as our classes, while allowing us to tailor each lesson to accommodate the student’s individual needs.

This program is catered toward individuals with any special need, whether it be cognitively functional, physically limiting, or visually impairing.

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Fernandina Dojo, LLC is a proud member of USA Martial Arts Federation and USA Karate.